A Little About Me


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Who I Am

Hello! My name is LeeAnn Abram.  I am 30 years old and married with three children; a 10-year-old son, 9-year-old daughter and my 6-year-old step son who I like to call my “bonus kid”.

My wonderful husband and I have been together for almost 5 years now. What an amazing journey it has been!


As a stay at home mom and housewife, in addition to teaching preschool part time, life can seem insane at times.  Being a little bit of a control freak, I enjoy having things clean, well-organized and kept simple.  I. Love. Simple.  Everything needs to be as simple as possible.

Yes, becoming a minimalist after a life time of chaos, in a not so simple world, is a stretch these days, but I am determined.  However, I haven’t always been that way…

Growing Up

I was brought up in a family full of chaos.  Nothing too dramatic, we just didn’t really have schedules or routines.  Our home was never perfectly organized and neither were any of the five members of our household.  Each day was taken just as it came; whatever happened, ‘it was what it was’.  Plans for school, trips, vacations and even meals were basically all accomplished spontaneously.

My parents worked long, hard hours and came home hoping to get a little bit of rest (which was rarely ever given).  If one kid didn’t need something or have something going on, it was random calls for a get-together, a night out, or a trip to the lake.  We often decided last minute, to jump up and go: either for a day or an entire weekend.  Somehow, this way of life seemed to just work for us.

Transitioning into Adulthood

I managed to keep up the tradition.  My plans were always last minute.  Working hard, willingly taking on extra shifts or switching shifts, typically without much notice.  After work, if someone called to invite me for a night out or ask for my help, nothing could hold me back.

As I grew older, this way of life began to leave me exhausted, overwhelmed and feeling taken advantage of.  I’m talking low self-esteem, refusing to face the world, pouting about simple phone calls and begging for time to myself.  This flood of emotion led me to asking, or rather screaming, WHY?!  Why did everything have to be so chaotic all the time?  There had to be an easier way; a way to simplify every possible aspect of life, without feeling so miserable.  This thought created an urge to do whatever I needed to, to somehow simplify my life.  To finally let go of the chaos driven meltdowns and just breathe.

My Goal

My ultimate goal is to un-complicate every possible area from scheduling, to house work, to cooking and meal planning, learning to manage life with active children and so on.  I want to share what works for me and possibly receive additional simplifying life management ideas from others along the way.  I hope you’ll find encouragement and motivation as you join me in this journey of Uncomplicating Chaos!