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The Bathroom: the most dreaded room to clean.  Bathrooms have a tendency to become disgusting, especially with kids, creating a total, cluttered mess!  The tub is taken over by bottles of shampoo, conditioner and soaps; we can’t forget about the toys.  The counter tops are full of random stuff because either nothing has a good, solid landing place, or everything gets left in the morning rush.  Don’t even get me started on the cabinet under the sink! That place is nightmare!

So, what do you do?  What’s the easiest way to clean, organize and create a beautiful manageable space?

Lets go with the assumption that most households have two bathrooms: a guest bath and a master bath.  Today, I’m going to work on the “guest bath” or in my case, the kid’s bathroom.  I’ll be honest; I do my best to avoid even looking in their bathroom.  If you have a daughter, I’m sure you can relate here: pony tail holders, brushes, play makeup and hair products are everywhere. Not to mention the clothes she leaves lying on the floor from the five thousand times she changes them. And the boys, man can they make messes! You know what I’m talking about here.  Yep, the toilet area.  Yuck!

Okay, I know several people do not have kids at home, so I am going to break this one down into two sections.  Kid Edition and Guest Bath Edition.  We’ll start with the Guest Bath since it entails less.  You can skip ahead to the Kid Edition by clicking here.

Guest Bathroom

I’m going back, once again, to my “Rule of Three: here.  If you have a bathroom primarily for guests, you shouldn’t need much in it.

The Shower/Tub

  1. Pull everything out of the shower area.
  • Use a good bathroom/soap scum cleaner on the whole surround and the tub basin (in and out).
  • When the soap scum and residue is a little too heavy, purchase a pumis stone to help with scrubbing.  They’re super cheap at only about $2 and they can really dig through it.
  • If your shower head is a little slow, or just hasn’t been cleaned in a while, remove and soak in a mixture of warm water and vinegar for about 30 minutes.
  • Wipe down all the fixtures with a dry microfiber cloth (It helps to polish them).
  1. If you’re able, try purchasing some bottles with pumps to use for shampoo, conditioner and body wash (there’s the “three”). This makes for a pretty presentation and helps keep the tub organized.
  • If you have your bottles sitting on the side of the tub, try adding a pretty tray across the top of the tub basin, or purchase either a hanging shelf or corner shelf to hold the items.pixabay
  1. Be sure to have both a liner and fabric shower curtain to help keep water in the shower, but also a nice curtain for extra good looks or just added privacy.

The Sink-sink, counter, cabinet under sink

  1. Pull everything out and off the top of the counter.
  • Spray with a good bathroom cleaner and wipe down well.
  • Use the microfiber rag again for the fixtures
  • Dust the light fixture above the sink and check for bulbs that need replacing.
  1. Sort items by category, into piles and consider adding some storage bins to hold everything in place.
  • Products (Sprays, moose, gel, etc.)
  • Hair care Items (Blow dryer, curling iron, straightener, etc.)
  • Brush, comb, pony tails and clips
  • If you use your guest bathroom often, be sure to have a neat place to hold deodorant, perfume, lotions. (These could go well on a turn table or pretty tray)-ok, maybe not the deodorant.
  1. Find bins.  There are all sorts of ways to store items around the house.  You can use baskets, bins, container; whatever you like the most
  • Place items into bins by category.  For something a little extra: use white bins with a label that matches your décor colors.
  • Strategically place the bins under the cabinet so that everything is neat and easy to maneuver.
  1. Grab a small bottle of hand soap and maybe a toothbrush holder for the top of the counter.
  • For larger counter space, add the tray or turn table with the lotions and sprays on top.  If smaller, consider placing it in your room on a dresser, or add it to another bin underneath the sink.
  • For décor, be sure to go small.  A clear vase with a few flowers, a small matching themed item or even just a small potted plant can do plenty for dressing it up.
  1. Keep a container of disinfectant wipes under the sink for quick wipe downs.


  1. For simple, seldom use;
  • place three of each; bath towels, washrags and hand towels, folded neatly, Into linen cabinet or shelf.
  1. For more frequent use (or if you’re like me and prefer a hair towel and bath towel)
  • 6 bath towels: three hair towels and three bath towels.
  • Still only add in three wash rags and three hand towels.
  1. Make sure to always keep at least three rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom.  You just never know.  That stuff seems to disappear quick sometimes!


The Toilet Area

  1. Clean Toilet
  • You can use a good bleach cleaner.  Be sure to wear some gloves and go easy on it.  Run the fan if you have one to keep fumes down.
  • I like to use disinfectant wipes around the edge of the toilet since they pick up quite a bit and can be thrown away.
  • If you prefer a more chemical free clean, I absolutely LOVE using hand held steamers for cleaning in the bathroom.  They’re amazing! They get into all of the little crevices to help get out all the gunk a rag can’t easily reach and work so fast!

All you should have left to do now is sweep up and mop the floor and you’ve got a very clean, attractive and organized guest bathroom! If you would like a printable check list, subscribe with your email to receive notifications and access to all printables, or leave a comment for only the one.

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