Decluttering the Kitchen

 Cleaning out the Kitchen

Hopefully by now, you have gone through your kitchen applying the concept of the ‘New’ Rule of Three.   If not, or if you have not yet read it, you can find it here . Read through it and see what you can tackle and add it to today’s list.

This last week of school is keeping me busy! Whew! Locker clean outs, summer planning, testing, awards ceremonies and making sure all my preschoolers get to take their awesome creations home. It’s been pretty crazy.

We are going to continue with the kitchen today.  The “heart of the home” is also where most of the biggest messes happen.  We prepare our meals there.  If it is chaotic, meal time can go the complete opposite of what you planned.  You don’t have enough counter space or elbow room. The meat you pulled out will have already ruined or  you end up with too many dirty dishes and so on.  I’m not even going to go into how seriously contaminated our kitchens can be.  I will say, it’s pretty bad and in the most unexpected places.  We will save those statistics for another post: if you really need some convincing.

declutter kitchen

I’ve chopped the kitchen cleaning up into two days to “keep it simple”, however, if you can knock it all out in one, GO FOR IT and GOOD FOR YOU!!  Either way, I want to make sure it’s simple enough to tackle that it may not be too chaotic to uncomplicate.

Now, take a few minutes to walk through your kitchen.  Go grab some gloves, a trash bag, and a box. Ready? Set? LET’S GO!

Kitchen Clean out: Part One


Do you have ANY items that are broken, melted or just plain useless?

  1. Cooking utensils with broken handles or prongs, heavily rusted or melted; Throw them away.  If you’re worried you might need it, run over to the dollar store and grab a temporary one or find a friend or relative from whom you may borrow.
  2. Cracked, chipped or melted: cups, plates and bowls. Okay, a slightly chipped bowl or plate might be alright if you simply cannot give it up at the moment, but glasses that are chipped are not safe.  Give up the melted bowl that has had excessive microwave use and start using a ceramic or microwave safe one.
  3. Excessive Tupperware melted, cracked or with no lid: This is a serious pet-peeve of mine.  No one wants to experience an avalanche of Tupperware falling on your head because they aren’t organized well.  And, what’s more frustrating than looking for Tupperware to store food in and not being able to find a lid?  Throw it out! Now!

This one may be an issue that came about from my youth.  My dad loved to eat cereal out of butter bowls. My mom and grandma kept every one of them for leftovers.  “You never know what you might need them for!” AAAHHH NNNOOOO!  Keep one; maybe two.  That’s it!

Seriously, unless you throw out every one that you currently possess, do not keep or bring in another “food storage” container.  Does anyone ever really have that much food left over anyway? No seriously?

Hand towels and dish rags

declutter towels

I know many of us are guilty of keeping stacks of old rags with holes and stains all over them because “they make good cleaning rags“. I know I’m guilty.  Be honest, do you ever end up with all of your rags and towels dirty at the same time? Not including random days, or holiday gatherings.  Purge them.  This is where I go back to the Rule of Three.  Hold back three for dishes, three for cleaning, three for drying but no more.

Chip clips and magnets

Yep, you know those magnets and magnetic chip clips you end up with, but don’t really even like?  How many do you really use?  Get rid of the unwanted magnets and trade them for say, tiny round ones.

In reference to the chip clips, I often hear someone say, “One may break.” Alright, stick one clip on two bags until you get another one.  Dump them!  You’re likely to end up with more of each by Christmas anyway.

That’s All For Today

I don’t want you going too crazy at once, unless you’re ahead of the game already, in which case go here for the next part of decluttering your kitchen. If you haven’t yet, check out my “New Rule of Three” post to help get started.

BONUS: I created a printable checklist to make it a little easier on you.  If you would like to receive the list, subscribe to my email and leave a comment.  To receive notifications of new posts, you can subscribe or “Like” and “Follow” The Simple Joys of Less on Facebook.  Thanks for joining me and I hope you enjoy it!

Can you think of anything else that could fall into the “Broken” category?  Have you found something broken in your kitchen that wasn’t on the list?  Let us know!  Leave a comment below.  I’m dying to hear how your personal kitchen decluttering is going!

10 thoughts on “Decluttering the Kitchen

  1. I’m going to do this today, I have plastic bowls with cracks that I keep for some reason. But you know what I am having trouble with…forks disappearing! Went to make plate last night and only had 3! I know that’s not a organize issue persay BUT it’s extremely annoying

    1. Awesome! And lol I don’t know how to help with the fork issue but if you find a solution let me know!

      1. idea on how they’re disappearing yes..finished dinner, went to the kitchen to find a plate and fork in the trash..1 word, kynlee

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