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Simplifying Life: Listen, Accept and Apply



Have you come to a point in your life where you just really want things to be less chaotic?  Do you crave a simple, stress-free and more joyful life?  I would be thrilled to help you do that!  Being on my own journey to simplify every possible area of my life, I have learned so much along the way, following these steps and am excited to share them with you! These three steps; as important as they are, are only the beginning of living a life with less chaos.

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1. The First Step is to LISTEN  

If you want anything in your life to become “easier”, more manageable and less stressful, then you MUST learn to listen to the advice of others. Some of the best changes made in my life, came from simply listening to someone who has already “been there”.  Trust me!  You will be doing yourself a HUGE favor!  There’s nothing quite like the wisdom of one who truly learned from their own mistakes and came out on top.

A line from the movie Mary Poppins, frequently comes to mind when considering the importance of listening.  The children were upset about their father so she says “some people can’t see passed the end of their noses”. Perhaps this was something I myself needed to let soak in, or meant to be used elsewhere, I’m not sure.  Either way, I coined a phrase of my own years ago for those of us with listening issues: “Some people refuse to see passed the end of their noses, and never grow tired of hearing the sounds of their own voice.”

 2. The Second Step is to ACCEPT

It is one thing to listen to what someone has to say, but another entirely to actually accept it. Don’t be offended when someone offers you advice.  Most of the time, if one offers sincere, educated advice, it’s because they’ve been there.  They’ve done that and they got out of it. They know and understand what you’re going through, whether you want to “accept” that or not.  If you’ll just listen to what they say, you could possibly go a lot further. Listen and accept the advice given by someone other than you for once. “The sound of someone else’s voice.” Acknowledge the possibility that they might have a little more experience or know how, for your situation. “See passed the end of your own nose.”

 3. The Third Step is to APPLY

Don’t get me wrong, no one should always take every piece of advice ever given, but at least try to open to it some of the time. Let’s say, for example, your mom gives you advice on cooking a meal that she claims will make it so much easier. You’re used to doing it your way.  You know what your doing so you snuff it off.  Nothing has become easier for you there. So, you finally decide to, one time, try it her way. BAM! She was right!

You need to realize that others may be on to something and simply apply their advice to the task or situation.  Let’s face it, whatever we are doing, or have been doing, obviously is NOT working.  Just take the advice!

The truth is, in order to begin uncomplicating our lives, we have to look somewhere outside of our own failed attempts and ideas. Open up to the successful ideas and attempts that have actually benefited someone else.  Stop making excuses for everything.  You’re only making it harder on yourself and sometimes even on those around you. Just try it.  Try asking someone for advice. Then remember: Listen, Accept and Apply the advice to your own life or situation.  You might just find yourself relieved afterward.

Thank you all so much for visiting my site and taking the time to read my posts!! It’s so amazing to finally be able to share my thoughts and ideas.

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I would love to hear some areas of your life that could use some “breathing room” along with any tips you would like to share that have helped you in this area. Please leave a comment or shoot me an email.

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