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My sister and I made this little fairy garden for my daughter’s birthday.  It was hand made from sticks that fell from my grandmother’s tree, along with rocks we found in her parking lot.  It was so fun and so worth it!  I think it was most exciting because Mommy and her aunt built it all.  She didn’t want anything else.  It was beautiful and was a prime example of finding Joy out of less.

Learning To Live With Less

Do you ever feel like you’re suffocating inside your own home?  Like you just need less? Are you tired of the relentless clutter piling up around your home; leading you to a never-ending cycle of housework, and maybe even injuries: e.g. a closet avalanche?

I used to have serious OCD when it came to cleaning. My home was always very neat and organized. Often, visitors would ask “How in the world do you keep your house so clean with two toddlers?”

The truth is, I had very strict rules instilled into my kids from the time they began walking. “Bring no more than one toy outside of your room.” “Get a drink from your cup then set it on the table, do not walk around with it.” Sounds crazy, but it worked.

As time passed, I realized I wasn’t letting my kids enjoy being kids. They wanted to be near me all the time, but with my rules, they couldn’t spend time with me and enjoy their toys. By being so obsessive over messes, I spent more time cleaning, or complaining, and less time making memories with them.

They are much bigger now and along with their growing bodies and appetites, come bigger messes. The bigger the messes become, the harder this tiny apartment is to clean. You can relate, right?

Don’t Give In Too Much

Apparently, I slacked off a little too much. The level of mess we have reached is now, is just plain ridiculous! Conveniently, my son is only able to find things when his room is a total mess, as opposed to my method of neat and tidy where everything has its’ place. My daughter is a hoarding pack rat who insists on keeping EVERYTHING which leaves her room a total wreck.

We have accumulated an unreal collection of pens, pencils and markers we can’t get rid of because, of course, they all work. They come as gifts during the holidays; plus, our own purchases.  Add all of it together and you can end up with some serious clutter issues. There is nothing more terrifying than pulling something out of the closet not knowing what has been stashed up there that will end up pelting you in the head.

Time For A Change


I can’t take it anymore! I tried to be nice and just buy some bins and storage containers, rather than getting rid of all their stuff. That isn’t working. Turns out, organized clutter is still clutter: GO FIGURE!

This brought me to the first step in the process of finding the “Joy” in less; “Having significantly less in our home and finding “Joy” in the process.” I’d like to introduce to you my personal minimalizing method: “The ‘New’ Rule of 3”. This method makes it so much easier to declutter as well as keep the chaos at bay in our homes and lives.

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I’ll see you soon!

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  1. This is totally something I would love to learn how to do!! I’m finding it harder and harder to enjoy our home because of all the junk!!

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