One More Reason

Never Give UpHave you thought about giving up lately?  Giving up trying, dreaming, or just on life in general?  Well, don’t.  Not just yet.  Let me give you just one more reason that you should hold on; keep trying, dreaming and living.

I know, you’ve heard it all before.  This story, though, is mine.  It’s only one more, and I promise you can do it!

A Dream Without A Road of Hope

I love writing.  Throughout my childhood, it was letters (that was before text messages were a thing).  Growing up through my teenage years, journaling or rather, keep a diary, was my thing.  I was an avid note-taker in high school and beyond.  Still am! Most kids dreamed of being doctors, military or owning their own business.  Not me, I wanted to be a writer and not just any writer: an inspirational writer.  I didn’t care if I wrote a book inspiring depressed teens that their life was worth living, counseling step parents or tips for bible study.  That was MY dream.  Helping people is my M.O. Besides, I was that depressed teen, a step child and constantly researching various methods of bible study.  How could I not want to help others there?

The problem with this dream I had? Self confidence and will power were not my strong suit.  I didn’t have confidence in anything I ever did.  Always concerned with what others would think: how they would criticize me or my writing.  This fear held me back from not only chasing my dreams, but accomplishing anything outside of your basic daily tasks.  Sure, I can clean a house top to bottom immaculately and organize every square inch of anything; but setting or reaching Goals was just unrealistic.  Until now.

A New Journey in Life

If you didn’t know, I am the soon to be 31 year old mother of 2 biological children and 1 ‘bonus’ kid, my step son.  I am married to my husband, Dennis , who-as cliché as it sounds- without him, I’d still be stuck in the rut of low self confidence and feeling lost and alone.  He really is my best friend.

Being a stay at home mom is something I absolutely did NOT ever dream of.  Well, staying home period.  If I ever was confident in anything, it was my work skills.  Having a full time job, with full time pay, benefits and the ability to “climb the ladder”, was my happy place.  It shouldn’t have been.  Not once I married and had kids.  Now, before you read too much into that, let me explain…Working so many hours, chasing the pay and higher title, took so much of my time and attention away from my family.  I missed out on a lot of things and worse, because I kept my mind on work constantly, I have very few mile-stone memories of my children.  That breaks my heart!

As sad as that has made me, I still find myself craving being back in the work force and making more money.  Reasoning and logic, say we would be better off financially and with our living situation, if I returned to work.  Truth, says; if I did, I would miss out on so much and all for another paycheck.  Not to mention childcare. Yikes that stuff is expensive! The biggest truth though?  I’ve been out of work so long now, I haven’t been confident enough in my ability to return into a decent work position; not in my skills, knowledge, or even my appearance. But that’s all changing.

Pixabay-Just try

What changed?

At the beginning of Spring, I found myself falling back into my love for reading and writing.  Would you believe I have only completely finished about a handful of books in my lifetime?  It’s true, and those were required by teachers or professors.  Guest what record I broke this year?  Yep, I have managed to finish 5 books this year so far! That’s a huge accomplishment for me.  I’m a busy-body.  Sitting still is hardly my thing.

During the course of time it took to read those books, I learned so much about spiritual and mental growth and over coming struggles.  They really were a blessing to me.  Blogs were also a true God-send.  Really!  In May, I decided to break down and take a giant leap of faith and delve into writing again.  After all, it was once my passion.  Back then, internet research wasn’t so much of a big deal as now, so research in general was a little more difficult. Not to mention time consuming.  Last month in the beginning of May however, I took advantage of the ‘make life easier than ever internet’, and searched blogging.


So much fear and doubt set in with the thought of blogging alone: what would I write about?  Would anyone even read it?  What kind of mean things would other bloggers say when critiquing me?  For some reason, way out of the ordinary, I just knew I had to go for it.  All fear and doubt was pushed to the back and I went for it.  Is it all that popular right now? No.  Do I have several followers, a great email list of subscribers and tons of traffic?  Not even close.  But, you know something incredible?  I’m still going.

Through relentless amounts of research, a plethora of blog support feeds, the money spent just on starting it and the long hours put in, I have not given up.  Even better, I have gained a whole new confidence, developed motivation beyond anything I’ve ever known and I am still going.  I still very much so want to do this.  My determination and will power (which I never knew existed) has me pushing harder than ever to make my blog successful. Goals have been set.  Small goals have been met.  Not giving up on this feels so amazing! I will succeed.  Some how, I just know it.  My blog will grow and bring in traffic, followers and subscribers.  Best of all, it will help someone.  Uncomplicating Chaos, will help someone organize their home, be inspired to make changes for the better in their lives and learn to love what’s most important.

For my family, my blog can mean financial freedom, more time well spent with each other and more positivity towards our future and what it could hold.

So what can you do?

pexels write it downWrite down JUST. ONE. MORE. THING.

Do me a favor.  Before you decide you’ve simply had enough.  Before you give up and decide never to try again: write down just one more thing.  One more dream.  One more passion or goal.  I want to help you.

Baby steps.  Write down the one thing you want most right now, or to have at some point in the next 5 years.  If you have a picture that can remind you of this goal, tape it somewhere on the page.  Place the dream or goal somewhere you will see it daily.  Now, on a sticky note or smaller piece of paper, write “One Thing” and tape or tack the smaller piece near the bigger one.

Everyday, when you see this, look at it for 5 whole seconds.  Next, look at the smaller one and ask yourself, “what is one thing I can do right now or today, to be one step closer to reaching it?” Afterward, go and do.  You would be surprised how much one small little step with a little bit of faith, can help get you closer to and even reach your ultimate dreams and goals.

I haven’t given up yet, and I’m actually getting somewhere. My confidence is growing.  So I encourage you, let this be one more reason for you to try just one more time.  Before I did, I wasn’t even sure of one.

My friend, I hope this, if nothing else, provides even the smallest ounce of courage to try one more time.  If inspiration is what you’re lacking, you can read my post “Finding Inspiration In Everyday Life“.

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I’ll see you soon.


16 thoughts on “One More Reason

  1. Great example of why not to give up on yourself or your dreams. One day I’ll find my “thing” untill then I’ll raise my baby’s. My time WILL come

    1. Thank you! That’s how I was feeling and I just thought “what one thing can make it easier to keep me going?” Glad you were able to pick back up!

  2. Awesome read, I agree with everything you’ve said. I feel like the younger generations (am I really this old) of kids are losing the value of having dreams and goals. I had so many dreams for my future by the time I was 12. Some of those I still hold today and I know that if I push hard enough I just may find a way to get there.

    1. Lol I feel the same way about my age. The younger kids..yikes..but goal setting and dreaming were always so hard for me. Now I feel like I am old enough (there it is again) that I can do what matters the most to me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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