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Make Time to Rest

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Rest.  What is that?!

If you’re like me, finding rest in not such an easy task. For example: I just sat down after putting my kids to bed and I hear “Mom! Come here!”

I tend to stay pretty busy between being a house wife, stay at home mom and preschool teacher along with numerous school meetings for my own children. Outside of that, I cannot say “no” to anyone it seems. Quite often, I receive calls or messages from someone needing help. Whether it be filling in for someone, needed to watch their kids, grabbing them lunch; the list just goes on.

This year for Mother’s Day, my wonderful husband gifted me the weekend to focus on myself and my writing.  No house work, phone calls or guests. In fact, he confiscated my phone, mostly. (I was surprisingly excited about that!) However, I am a little bit of a control freak, so what did I do Friday? I ran through my house cleaning like a crazy person, to keep from getting so distracted over the weekend. In doing so, I may have gone a little over board: scouring bathrooms, washing shower curtains, rugs and spot cleaning my carpets.  Needless to say, I made more of a mess trying to clean a mess, though once finished the pay off was worth it!

Bonus: My super awesome hubby was able to stay on top of the little bits of use or messes that happened over the weekend without me! But, I looked forward to this weekend so much so that I wanted to make sure I had no distractions. At least not that came in the way of housework.  I NEEDED this weekend!  It was amazing!!!


rest, relax, sleep, downtime

Opening up a time slot for downtime, is exactly where you should begin.  If you’re mind is cluttered by everything you have going, then you need to do whatever it takes to give yourself some downtime. SERIOUSLY!  Talk to your parents, friends, significant other or whomever necessary. Let them know that you will be taking some “me time”.

You cannot focus on simplifying your life while being stressed over the everyday overload you experience now.  You’re going to end up with a bigger mess to clean later, if you do, which will ultimately lead to being overwhelmed, stressed and eventually, giving up. I have been there! Many times! It is an awful feeling.

Just do it. Take a break, breathe and relax!

Make A Plan

You have to make a plan for rest and stick to it. Frequently, when attempting to rest or take a day for myself, I end up with 5 minutes of rest, then jumping to something else because I was inspired, motivated or distracted by the next thing; so excited I just can’t wait to begin! Don’t do that! Read a calming book, take a nature walk, sleep all day, paint, color, do whatever you can to relax and just let everything be.

A day away, rest

First, decide how long you are “taking off”. If you can’t take a whole weekend, try a day. If not a day, then try taking your kids to a parents day out and give yourself that time frame to just sit and be quiet or find a few hours to dedicate to ‘nothingness‘.  You will feel so much better afterward!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! If you weren’t able to rest, make time to call (or text), letting everyone know when you will be scheduling it in.  Remember, rest is essential for your health, but also provides an opportunity to clear your mind so you can focus more, so GET SOME REST!

“There is virtue in work,

and there is virtue in rest.  Use both

and overlook neither” -Alen Cohen

It’s really exciting for me to hear ways others do things to simplify or “uncomplicate” the crazy things we all face in life.  I would love to know what you do to find some rest and ways you may encourage someone else to do so!  Subscribe to my email for questions or other awesome ways to find rest or comment below.  You may also follow me on Facebook to keep informed and in touch there.

Happy Resting!!!

I’ll see you soon.

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