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What is “Uncomplicating Chaos”?

I want to talk today about what “uncomplicating chaos” is. It seems often, that every part of our lives have somehow become so full of chaos. This chaos, consumes each aspect -which we allow- and our lives inevitably become a huge complicated train wreck.

Our jobs become dreaded obligations. Customer service used to mean taking time to listen carefully to the concerns and needs of customers. The goal used to be making sure the customer was satisfied with the results, or at least with the efforts made by the company or employee.
Now a day, we find it difficult to ask the right questions; making a call, is one of our least favorite things to do. Customer has become so hurried, keeping employees anxious only to make a sale and jump to the next person in line. Deadlines are forced in, rather than encouraging a reasonable goal; sales quotas must be met in order to guarantee one may still have a job.

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Constant rush, pushes some so much, that we’re losing our families, eating the worst foods so fast that we over eat: the rise of obesity and health problems consumes us: lack of sleep is the new “norm”.

What about our homes? Home, is now put at the back of our minds. Many stay so tuned in to work, moving so fast, constantly on the go, that the only thing home means anymore, is a hot shower and warm bed. Along with that, finding that we are much less happier in our homes. We want more, bigger, prettier, softer and trendier. The second we catch a glimpse of a popular photo, a neighbor’s home, a better car, we jump into mission mode: we have to compete or have “what they have”.

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This is what happens when chaos taps into our daily routines; whether it be from work, activities or even something we do at home (talking social media here).

Chaos, continuously intruding in our work, means enjoying our jobs less. The more rushed, the more pressure we feel; the more pressure we’re under, either the more motivated to work ALL THE TIME; or the less motivated, encouraged and appreciated we feel.
That’s when chaos brings in negativity. You hate your job. You’re no longer “a people person”. Crying, is your new coping mechanism; anger, is your new voice.

Obviously, not every human is prone to this response, but in general, today: think about it for a minute.
You’re exhausted from a long day, at a job you hate: it’s likely to carry over to your home and personal life as well.

What Uncomplicating Chaos Is Not

Uncomplicating chaos is not a way to eliminate everyday chaos. Chaos, in effect, is guaranteed. Our busyness, hectic schedules and lack of routine, make living a life without it practically impossible. (I said practically).

chaos in order

Don’t believe your life is chaotic at some point? Are you ever in a hurry to get somewhere, yet forgot your keys? Spilled your coffee? How about when your kids are really restless and seem to be bouncing off the walls and all you want is some quiet time. Oh, and this one gets me: you have a deadline to meet, so you’re trying to focus and in turn, your biting someone’s head off for interrupting you.

Ever miss place a single thing and not realize it until you needed it right at the last minute? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then my friend, you have chaos in your life, at some point. It’s pretty much unavoidable.

What Uncomplicating Chaos Is

Uncomplicating chaos is understanding the fact that chaos is going to happen, no matter what we do. Chaos is everywhere, everyday and comes in many forms.

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Undoubtedly, you will come across some form of chaos; possibly every day. You stay busy partying on the weekends and accomplish none of your responsibilities. Work calls after hours, interrupting the family outing you had planned. Your co-worker called in sick and you need to cancel your date to cover the shift. Chaos: Life lived unexpectedly, un-prioritized, out of order and routine.

So what can you do to “tame” the chaos and keep from getting so overwhelmed? After all, chaos is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Learning To Uncomplicate Chaos

Here are some ways we can uncomplicate the chaos throughout our lives, and begin learning to live a more simple, peaceful, happier life via uncomplicating chaos:

Make Time For Rest

Listen, Accept and Apply

Understand Why You’re Not Seeing Change

Learn to Live With Less

Get Focused

Find Your Happy Place

There are many ways to go about living a life less complicated. So many that if I were to write about every one of them, you’d be reading for quite some time.  The great thing about modern day, is the unlimited resources we have available to us.  There are amazing blogs, Pins and good ole internet research to help us get through just about anything.

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I love to hear from my readers and see the methods they use for simplifying their own lives. If you have something to share, I would LOVE to hear it, so drop a message in the comments and stay in touch!

I’ll see you soon!





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