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Why You’re Not Seeing a Change in Your Life

Choose to Welcome Positive Changes in Your Life

I have had this one Ivy plant for 10 years.  I bought it as a personal house warming gift, for our first home when my son was only 6 months old.  It’s very special to me.

Until last summer, this plant lived in the same pot, with the same old soil, as when I first bought it.  I had a constant fear that it would die if I transplanted it.  Previous attempts at propagating plant cuttings, had all failed miserably, so with this one, I had grown afraid of the change.  However, I knew that I had to make a choice if I wanted it to continue living and growing. Pushing through that fear and taking the risk to uproot and repot it, has actually encouraged new, beautiful growth.

Life is often quite similar, don’t you think? We live our lives in this way everyday; never knowing what wonderful changes could occur otherwise.  Constantly sitting back, watching and waiting; hoping for a miracle. Because of this, we’re often unable to overcome many of the obstacles we face daily. The ability to find the beauty awaiting us, will forever be unknown in some cases

Take the step and make a choice.

Do you want to be happy and able to experience change for the better in your life?  Then, you have a choice to make. Don’t just leave it to chance and keep hoping for the best.

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Choice Not Chance

The fear of change is called Metathesiophobia

Not By Chance

If you carry on, day by day, waiting-refusing to make any changes to welcome in new growth- you could be waiting a very long time.  You may be wasting precious time altogether.  Stop letting fear hold you back.  Fear of making a mistake; letting go of something with sentimental value; being hurt; not having enough time or money or resources: whatever the case, let it go.

Throughout my youth, I lived in at least nine different homes and switched school ten times.  Always within logical reasoning, nevertheless, it was a lot of moving.  As an adult, thanks much in part to numerous job relocations, I moved several more times.  Finally, I reached the point of “I’m done”, leading to the decision that I would not be moving again.  My mind was made up; until one day when my husband decided he wanted to “replant” us one more time.  We moved, once again: this time to a whole new city.

We quickly found an apartment and began attending a new church.  My husband found a new job in one day and life began to change: for the better.  This apartment has given us the opportunity to save money to one day buy a house and pay off debt.  Is it the best or most desirable? No, but it’s been a great new starting place.  My husband has been successful in his new job; climbing up the ladder, receiving several pay increases and adding some great experience to his resume.  Our new church: brought us close to some wonderful people, provided great opportunities for spiritual growth and has blessed us beyond measure.  We made a choice, despite fear or frustration or tiredness.  We made the move, uprooting from our comfort zone, changing our “soil” and have seen so much beautiful growth because of it.

Fear of Failure

How is fear or comfort keeping you from making the necessary choices, in order to see positive changes in your life?  Do you need to get rid of some unnecessary clutter? Is there a place you feel called to be, but are too afraid to make the move?  Is there a bad situation you’ve been living in and just haven’t made a solid choice to free yourself from it?

Going forward, what choice will you make in order to finally see some changes in your life?

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Come on! Dig up those roots, find some fresh soil and get started growing in ways you never thought possible! Let me know if I can help you with that!

I’ll see you soon.

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